newborn yogini

Today was my sixth ever yoga class…I’m hooked! I did expect to feel good, but had no idea how it would wriggle its way deep into my entire life; my body, my mind and my spirit. I would like to use this blog to share everything that is happening to me as yoga becomes a part of my life. I am a newborn yogini.

Introductions are in order; my name is Renée Starr, and I have been on this beautiful planet for 51 years. I am dedicating myself to restoring my body’s strength, grace and beauty so that I may live near to, at or longer than 100. I see myself at about 95, with my face turned upwards, the sun shining upon it, my body showing all the signs of having been here for a long while, but also glowing with health and moving with limber  fluidity. I want to be able to carry my own groceries and walk up and down stairs, not to mention bend my body pretzel-like until I float off this earthly realm. Recently, I have re-planted my roots back in creative soil with an emerging art career as a watercolorist and am writing several books on the divine feminine, creativity and lunar wisdom for women.

The idea for this blog came to me while in my second yoga class as my lovely and graceful teacher, Rebeca, showed me what true tadasana is. She had me stand up against the wall and helped position my body in perfect alignment, then step slowly away from the wall holding that alignment. ‘This is how we are supposed to walk around, in this tall, strong upright way’. My third eye opened with a bang, and my heart yearned to be this present, and this aligned as I walk through the world…to be walking in tadasana all the time. So now, as I make my way, day to day, I am very aware of how I am standing, sitting and moving-am I in alignment? But what I am MOST aware of is; am I in the heart and energy of tadasana?  Am I as strong and straight in this moment as a mountain is against the sky? If clouds were to float past me, would I fade away or peek through them, if snow were to fall on my shoulders would I crumble or grow taller? This is how I want my days to be,  each moment as a reflection of my solid balance, a meditation on my inner strength and my loving connection to the earth as I walk upon it.

I am no longer a private student in Rebeca’s class, I am now a student stretching next to other students, feeling my core strengthen, my spine lengthen and my spirit soar.

I am walking in tadasana…join me!

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