deep tissue, deep gratitude

This morning was painful. After several days in a row of wonderful yoga, today was a resting day for my body and it all came crashing down on my shoulders and neck. I yelped in pain as I slowly lifted myself up to sitting from a deep sleep. When you have four cats, the moment you begin movement of any kind after long hours of no movement-they NEED you as if their life depended on it. I am the giver of all things tasty in their world, no rest for the weary muscles of my body.

The pain was not unbearable, but burned with heat, at first alarming me, then forcing me to make simple moves, deliberately, slowly and find the balance for every single movement-however small-lest I be jolted back into ouchville.  This tadasana business is serious stuff.

Several ice packs, and a few rubs of arnica later, I was much more mobile and…tada(sana)! I was ready to start the day.

I am already craving my next class.

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