off the mat

I knew when I woke up that today was going to be a day spent off the mat as my schedule was filled with other things. I looked longingly at the yoga class schedule and my body began to crave yoga. Actually my entire being craved it. I remember when I was in high school, I was a runner.  Every morning my friend Laura and I would meet just after the sun came up to run through our neighborhood. I loved being up that early, before anyone in my family was up, before the busy day began. I can remember the feeling of waking up with a purpose; get up, get ready, run. That is how I feel about yoga. Get up, get ready, get on the mat. I am aware that this is the beginning of a practice and soon it will not be about ‘being on the mat’. Soon it will be about living a yoga practice, not doing it.

In my morning meditation-brief because Bhindi; my loudest, sleekest cat, yowled until I came to pet her-I discovered something very precious. A yogic concept was revealed to me; yoga is like music. Can you touch music? Can you say exactly where music  is? No to both questions. But when you experience an instrument playing a melody, hear a singer bringing a song to life, then you can experience music. Yoga is intangible, elusive to the seeker until she engages herself as the instrument, and allows yoga to flow through her.

So far, I have been very focused on the movements, the technicality of learning to ‘play yoga’ with my body as the instrument. I am very much looking forward to the day when the melody of yoga comes through my body and I can hear it’s song, be the song of yoga. I long to experience this.

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