I dream of yoga

Last night I dreamt that I was doing yoga. The dream is slipping away, now that I am awake, but I remember that I was in the studio, it was evening with the moon shining in on us. I was with one of my yoga teachers and he was showing me some very special asanas, not ones that he would normally teach. In my minds’ eye I can see myself doing them, but cannot make out exactly what they were. My body moved effortless and smoothly, as if I already knew the positions. It felt incredible, nourishing and sacred.

Several times in my life I have had dream-visions where I am shown, taught, instructed or guided in ways that do not feel earthly, do not feel ordinary. In my shamanism practice, I have learned that the ‘waking’ state is the middle, or middle world, and that while we predominantly live here, in ordinary reality, there are two other realms; the upper and lower worlds. Here in the middle, where we seem to land most often it is very physical, limited by our beliefs and thinking. In non ordinary reality all things are possible; flying, shapeshifting, visiting with animal guides, spirit guides and long past ancestors. Learning and teaching is common in all three realms, but feels somehow more sacred when it happens in non-ordinary reality.

I have long suspected that the dream state is another non-ordinary reality, and have been excited to visit it each night. My dreams are often prophetic, intuitive, rich with symbolism, color and epic story. Having my yoga teacher show up to instruct me in hidden asanas is thrilling, to say the least. The middle world part of me wants to know what those asanas were, where I can find them, how I can hold on to them, my physical self wants to physically experience them, write them down, touch them here, now.

An inner knowing calms me with this thought; the secret asanas of my dream have gone deep within me, energetically. They are not physical positions for me to practice in ordinary reality. They are spirit gifts given to me in the dream world by the dreaming self of my teacher, given to him by his spirit teachers and so on. It seems to me, that while I do yoga in the physical realm, I am also doing yoga in the spirit realm. How yogic is that!

Yoga is good medicine, I imagine my shaman teacher saying to me. Yoga is frickin’ awesome, I imagine my yoga teacher saying to me.

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