the one breath

When you find yourself with the Beloved, embracing for one breath, in that moment you will find your true destiny.
~ Rumi

Now that I am a bit past the newness of yoga, and the poses are going into my muscle memory, I have room for a sensory and spiritual experience when my body is in asana.  It is there that I often feel an overwhelming wave of love for the human form, for my human form. We are so very soft and so very strong all at once. We are a miracle of muscle, tendon, blood and bone. I am truly humbled and in awe of how we are made.

With each pose I can feel myself aligning  more towards the Divine. Like an antenna I am tuning myself to receive its frequencies and I am welcomed in as far as I wish to go, as deeply as I yearn to go.

In the intense stretch of uttanasana, my breath guides me to yield and fold further in on every exhale. With each exhale I am giving my breath back to God.

My body in tree pose, I rest and grow my vriksha roots down. I can feel myself balancing on the palm of the Beloved’s hand, supported and cherished.

The more yoga that I do, the closer this connection to the beloved Divine becomes.

These days, I understand more than ever the poetry of Rumi, and Hafiz.

These days, I feel as if I am going to burst with emotion, my hands shake with the current of vital energy and my heart is so open it aches.

These days I am being breathed.

These days, I experience the One Breath.

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